My approach is a mix of pure reportage (discretion, capture key moments ...) and action (photos of creative groups, couples photographs ...). You will enjoy both styles throughout the day, particularly when someone must (me) take the lead to create images efficiently in a shortest period of time. I feel, this is the perfect way for you to enjoy the moment and live your wedding without thinking of anything else but your partner!

///  Creative and documentary wedding coverage


I easily cover the whole country of France, as well as Europe and the rest of the world. For destination wedding services, travel fees are always included in the price. 

///   Wedding in France and worldwide 


This complimentary photo shoot is perfect to start your connection with me before the wedding day. After all, we must be a good fit to create beautiful images of your couple either in your wedding outfits or casual style. If you want an amazing memory of the proposal, just ask and we will transform the engagement session into proposal session! The sessions can be made in the location of your choice or in selected spot in Europe.

///   Engagement / Pre wedding / proposal


I have chosen a number of dreamy destinations in Europe for you to live a photographic experience of the highest quality for your honeymoon. Paris, Prague, London, Porto, Santorini, Florence... Ask me for my specific brochure for more information.

///   HoneyMoon experience


The true purpose of my work undoubtedly results in the fine Art book. Handcrafted in Italy or Portugal according to the chosen collection, this book become the masterpiece of your heritage. In this digital world, little value is placed on a product that has no permanency like a digital file. Your Fine Art book is a physical proof that will last for generations. Every year, I purposely bring changes to my collections of products to provide my clients with the latest and the best. It also keeps me on top of my creativity and fun.

///   High-end handcrafted wedding book and albums


enough speaking of me !
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